Lineage W – NCsoft annonce le MMORPG mobile Lineage W.

NCsoft continues to operate its Lineage license and announces Lineage W, a mobile MMORPG aimed at a global audience (with a “W” in the title, like “World”). The game will reveal how it will be played on August 19.

Since 1998, the license descent It is one of the main business drivers of NCsoft. And if the license is already available in many different titles, then it is clear that the South Korean group does not intend to stop there: NCsoft announces the development of Pedigree WIntroduced as a new mobile MMORPG.

At this time, NCsoft is revealing some details about this Lineage W, except that the MMORPG will be distributed worldwide (the title displays the letter “W” for “World”) and is the subject of a campaign. teasing On official site It has just been launched and is already available in several languages, including English. According to the developer, Lineage W was designed from the start to appeal to a global audience, as previous games were (sometimes) localized Korean games.

In the absence of further details at the moment, we’re holding on to the fact that Lineage W will be officially revealed as part of a global presentation (online at the official website) on August 19 at 10AM KST (7PM KST). Until then, the game was revealed in the first trailer.

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