LinkedIn is the victim of a massive data breach, affecting 500 million users

Just days after several million Facebook phone numbers were posted, it’s LinkedIn’s turn to be a victim of the leak. Information 500 million users for sale.

Will you recover from a minor data breach? After Facebook last weekend, it’s LinkedIn’s turn to be the target of Leaking Huge amount of data. The information of about 500 million users is posted in a paid database on the site Hackers.

If you confirm this hack, your professional social network has identified, In a short press release, That the leak relates only to raw data publicly posted on member profiles, not to private information Internet news, Who exposed the case, the leak will contain identifiers, first and last names, emails, phone numbers, types, as well as links to other social media profiles.

While waiting for the site haveibeenpwnd It updates its database, Internet news suggest Its verification tool, And merged 780,000 emails linked to the LinkedIn leak. This will allow everyone to verify whether or not he is a victim of this leak.

Leak is less harmful than a Facebook leak?

The case anyway looks less alarming than that of Facebook, as the data here is not accessible for free – which could happen later, as was the case for Mark Zuckerberg’s network. Additionally, if LinkedIn’s claims are true, the public aspect of the data being sold makes this “leak” less harmful.

However, in this type of situation, our advice is always the same: feel free to change your passwords regularly, do not use the same thing everywhere, prefer to use a password manager and double authentication, and carefully monitor your emails for Which ones are trying to Trolling.

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