List of credits in the new Gadgets Madness collection

The new Teamfight Tactics: Gadgets Madness group has appeared on PBE servers, and Riot Games has struck a great balance in recent days. As a reminder, Madness Gadgets will hit live servers on November 3 with update 11.22.

Hextech improvements

Built differently
Attack speed bonus increased from 30/45/60% to 40/60/80%

Increase movement speed and attack speed from 40/60/80% to 50/75/100%

roller high
Level changed to 3 instead of 2

Immediate injections (Techno-Chemists)
Level changed to 1 instead of 2

knife edge
Increased attack damage bonus from 30/45/60 to 35/50/70

Lifelong Learning (Érudits)
Level changed to 2 instead of 1
Increased additional effectiveness from 3 to 5

ignore it (fighters)
Level changed to 2 instead of 1

Sunfire Council
Reduced burn damage to enemies from 40% to 30% of max health
Burning time reduced from 16 seconds to 12 seconds

wise spending
Level changed to 2 instead of 1

Chemtech Overload
Explosion damage based on max health reduced from 50/75/100% to 40/60/80%

Disarming time reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds

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Skill damage increased from 225/300/2000 to 250/325/2000

Skill damage increased from 120/250/999 to 150/300/1337

Skill damage increased from 800/1200/2000 to 800/1400/2250

world doctor
Reduced maximum skill recovery health rate from 100/150/500% to 90/120/500%

Mana increased from 0/100 to 40/120
Raw skill damage reduced from 75/125/400 to 75/100/400

Increased skill AD percentage from 150/170/200% to 180/190/210%
Skill damage increased from 120/150/250 to 125/175/250

Skill damage increased from 60/80/110 to 65/90/120

Skill damage reduced from 80/111/180 to 75/100/180
Mana value increased from 75/125 to 100/150

Attack damage reduced from 50 to 45
The skill’s attack speed bonus has been reduced from 80% to 70%.

Skill damage reduced from 250/400/700 to 250/375/650

Skill damage reduced from 275/450/1337 to 225/375/1337

Attack speed reduced from 0.8 to 0.75
Damage taken by armor reduced from 175/375/750 to 172/325/750

Skill disarm now applies to all targets hit by the skill instead of the skill’s primary target

Mana increased from 35/70 to 50/90

Sweet Kinch
Ornament now deals 35% of the damage you deal to fortified units against controls

Increase the statistical gain per unit cost from 5/7/8/10/11 to 5/8/11/14/17 instead
All offensive units will now be given strength. Tahm Kench can no longer get attack damage from Glutton
Combining a Tahm Kench to get a Tahm Kench with more stars now adds all the extra stats for all of the Tahm Kench combined instead of taking all of the higher stats
Tahm Kench can now be upgraded during combat if not in combat

Skill healing increased from 250/350/700 to 275/400/800

Attack speed increased from 0.7 to 0.8
Mana reduced from 0/75 to 0/70
Skill damage increased from 250/250/777 to 250/275/777

new : Vector’s basic attacks melt opponents’ defenses, reducing their armor by 70% for 6 seconds
Deleted : Victor skill no longer reduces armor by 50%
Increased skill damage per laser from 250/350/1500 to 275/375/1500

Skill damage reduced from 450/600/999 to 400/525/999


7 units: Dragon’s mech attack speed increased from 0.6 to 0.8
7 units: Increased dragon’s mech armor and magic resistance from 6 to 100


Dragon’s Claw
Fireball now only works against skills with a cast, which means Warwick won’t fire one with every attack
Fireball will now only be fired once for each skill thrown for Kog’Maw, instead of firing with each attack

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