Lord – DC Universe Infinite: The mobile app will launch soon in the United States

Announced in September 2020, DC Unvierse Infinite will now be a reality for all comic book fans. DC’s online comic book reading platform has set a new leap in its presence in January. To keep pace with the times, the new two-letter publisher site will introduce a mobile app. News that should satisfy the biggest fan of DC in the US, but also the entire world in the near future.

DC Universe redirect

DC Universe Infinite isn’t really a new site. In fact, the platform was born from a re-orientation of the DC Universe work. Prior to its disbandment in September 2021, the latter served as a digital comic reading and movie streaming site from the DC Universe. So I combined DC Comics and DCEU productions. But now, Warner was introduced to HBO Max a few months ago. All DC visual content (movies, anime, series …) has moved to the new streaming platform. So DC Universe was restricted to digital comic books, which led to his name being changed in the process to DC Universe Infinite.

Despite the removal of video content, DC Universe Infinite is enjoying huge success. Indeed, he can boast having a rich catalog of no less than 25,000 episodes of comics. Better yet, it has seen a revival of interest from internet users during the lockdowns that followed in 2020. Yes, comics and comics in general have benefited well from the crisis despite the library closures that led to being discussed in France as in Anywhere else.

A mobile app will download soon

To attract more and more subscribers and make its platform more accessible, DC Comics announced the upcoming launch of the DC Universe Infinite mobile app. This application will allow easy access to all the services and functions of the platform via a smartphone. Among other things, it will be possible to access the DC Universe Infinite catalog and manage subscriptions from this mobile app. The monthly subscription is $ 7.99 for $ 74.99 for annual access.

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The show is a bit tempting when we know that DC Infinite Universe has a long list of comic books including releases published during the Vertigo, Digital First, or DC Black Label eras. The publisher can download titles from the Milestone Media era during the year. Note, however, that the new titles will not be available directly on the platform. It will be published online six months after the release of the print edition.

Currently, DC Universe Infinite and its mobile app are only available to US readers. The publisher has already announced that opening up to other countries, including France, should take place during this year 2021 without providing a specific date. So you’ll have to wait a few more months to read DC Comics titles on your smartphone, unless you’re using a VPN and interacting with Shakespeare.

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