Louana eliminated from ‘Koh-Lanta’: ‘In this game you should never trust’

It was one of the favorites in “Koh-Lanta, the Cursed Totem”. Luana was so strong in auditions, she was disappointed when she tied up with Maxime at the end of the lottery for Linked Destinies, an always featured episode in TF1. She was right to worry, because it was her companion, a former redhead like her, who got the most votes against him, eliminating them. Luana believed, however, that her alliance with the old Greens – François, Amber and Nicholas – would be enough to save her.

What conclusions do you draw from your adventure?

if I. I am still very proud of my trip. I took a step back from everything that had happened, from my elimination. Inevitably, I’m disappointed that I didn’t go any further, as I had the physical and mental capabilities to do so. I was the head of the Reds, went to the ambassadors, managed the situation well, scored three singles wins…these are still fond memories.

What is your biggest pride?

Win the obstacle course without hesitation. This is the legendary test of the “Koh-Lanta”, with the poles, of course. Everyone dreams about it.

During the council where Yannick left, did you really intend to vote against Maxim or was it a trick in the face of scabies?

This was nonsense. I, from Reunification, voted against Yannick. In my head, Yannick has always been from the ground up.

Have you tried searching for an immunity collar with Maxime to save yourself?

Yes and no. We searched for a while, but we could have done more. Why didn’t I? Because I had the old Greens Alliance which I thought was too strong and because we were so tired from hunger and fatigue, we didn’t want to search anymore.

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Did François and Amber promise not to vote against you or against Maxime?

Yeah. I trusted the Green Alliance, so I was optimistic about this aspect. And then I proved myself! I was the captain of a team, I had formed the tribe, I had saved the adventure of all the reds at the ambassadors, I had earned the respect of all. I thought they would get more recognition for that. Now it’s Koh Lanta, we must not forget that, we must never trust anyone. I, I wouldn’t have put François or Amber or Nicolas on a ballot. François once said in the council: “I would rather save two beautiful people (Fawzi and Geraldine) Instead of a beautiful human being. Everyone has their own priorities and way of seeing things.

Since the reunification, you have been very strong in the tests, which can also be an incentive for your competitors to get rid of you…

My mentality is to work on merit. I would never vote against someone just because he was the strongest. This is not in my values ​​at all. I know this is not the case for everyone. We do “Koh-Lanta” to outsmart ourselves, so when we have a possibility to win, we won’t finish second to avoid putting ourselves in danger.

Food is always a sensitive topic at Koh-Lanta. Were you a vegetarian before the adventure?

no. That’s what Francois said on screen, but he didn’t understand anything! I’m not a vegetarian or vegan or anything. I eat fish and chicken from time to time. In everyday life, six years have passed since I touched red meat. I watch what I eat, and I advocate for the animal cause. But there, on Koh Lanta, at some point, we put our convictions aside when it came to food.

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How much weight have you lost?

Six kg.

She meets regularly since filming with other adventurers. Do you get along well with everyone?

Yeah. There are fairly close connections with some, of course, but I’ve kept good friendships with a lot of the candidates. I think we’re having a good season. The sages even called us to tell us: “It is nice to see you united and benevolent.” I hope to continue.

How did you react when you learned that François, with whom you shared your entire adventure, was accused of manslaughter?

Honestly, it’s none of my business. Francois is someone I really appreciate, it’s up to him.

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