Lunville. The first weekend of video game lovers young and old brings together

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associations with all their equipment

Almost all of the materials were provided by the Nancy-based Lana France Association (the Federation of Local Area Networks), which since 2000 has been helping in the development of video games and esports.

Its 42 members are also involved in organizing Cyberiades With the Youth Council of Epinal City: “Our goal is for others to take charge,” explains one of the volunteers.

Yutopia Association Lunévillois is also present with VR gaming equipment.

Escape game from the dangers of digital technology

Play is good. But Orange has also set up a platform with its virtual escape game about digital dangers, aimed at children aged 9-11 and 12-14. “Our company has been offering this game since this summer, as part of its social responsibility. Yves Robinot, responsible for relations with the local authorities in Myorthy and Moselle, notes that he is making his first flight in Lorraine.

The goal is to awaken critical thinking and team spirit with the topic of data protection.

Mathilde Girard

“The goal is to awaken critical thinking and team spirit, with the topic of data protection, developing critical thinking to identify fake news and identify the dangers of social networks and the ‘internet,’” adds her colleague Mathilde Gerrard.

This Sunday again at the Charles Berte Complex, rue Caumont-la-Force, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Rocket League starts at 2 PM (in 3-player teams). Register on the site. free entry. Health traffic is mandatory.

“Zelda! »

Alexander (40 years old) and Ethaniel (9 and a half years old) from Loneville

Their first consoles? “Nintendo DS, about 6-7 years old, with Pokemon and Mario,” Ethaniel explains. Megadrive. I was 10 years old,” Alexander recalls.

Their latest consoles? “Key for 2-3 years. My favorite game is Zelda. I play there especially during the holidays,” notes the little boy. “The latter is my son. We play Zelda, our favorite game. When I was younger, I loved video games, but I didn’t play them much either. “

Baptiste Photo ER / Corinne Chapov

What is your favorite game? – “GTA!”

Baptiste, 20, railway electrician, Loneville

His first controller? Nintendo DS. I had a lot of games that I liked, I must have been 7-8 years old. “

His latest console? Xbox One S. That was four years ago. But I don’t play it anymore. More desire and time with work. This weekend is a chance to play again with Maxime. It’s been at least two years since we’ve played Fortnite together! Now, we don’t want to go out.”

Her favorite game: “Without any hesitation, GTA!”

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