M water, OM Mobile… These amazing brands registered by OM

January 12, 2022 at 7:30 pm by thomas

Olympique de Marseille is famous for its football, but there are a lot of sub-brands in completely different fields of sport.

Did you know ? There are 74 registered trademarks, At the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), Associated with Olympique Marseille. All of them no longer necessarily have an official presence. We found a 45 that is still active, because it has been refurbished over time, or has been registered in recent years. The most recent was in 2020, for “OM AFRICA OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE” and “OM CAMPS MARSEILLE”.

74 trademarks registered by OM, 45 of them are active

Some of them are surprising, because of their surname, or because of the profession that forms the basis of their creation. For example, Olympique de Marseille, in 2005, under the influence of the former general manager, Philippe Perez, was registered the trademark “L’eau M”, which has since been renewed in 2015, until 2025. L’eau M’s region Of experience are: “Soaps, perfumes, cosmetics, body and hair lotion, (cosmetics), toothpastes”. ; Mineral and carbonated water. Fruit drinks and fruit juices. ; Education ; exercise; entertainment ; Sports and cultural activities.

Water M is a funny word game but brand ineffective

The “OM Mobile” brand is still broader, which, as its name does not say, is connected with very (very) different worlds. Without mentioning them all or elaborating them (the list is too long): “Scientific devices and instruments, apparatus and instruments for the conduct, distribution, transformation, stacking, regulation, or control of electric current; apparatus for recording, transmitting, reproducing, or manipulating electrical current; magnetic recording media, discs Audio or visual floppy disks, printed material Bookbinding articles Pictures Stationery Adhesives (adhesives) for office or household purposes Material for artists Paint brushes Typewriters and office supplies (excluding furniture) and fabrics Bed and table linen Fabrics for textile use Flexible fabrics Velvet Bed linens Home furnishings Table linens, not paper Communications Communication information Communications by computer terminals or by a fiber-optic network Wireless or telephony communications Mobile radiotelephony services, or even education Exercise entertainment; sports and cultural activities; information related to recreation or education; recreation services; book publishing; written loans; animal training…”

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present or was also present, “OM LUDIQ ‘CAMP”, “Minots BMX DROIT AU BUT”; “OM OM Passeport” and “OM OM Attitude” (expired) … In short, Olympique de Marseille is marked by many things, areas very far from sports and its business. He is clearly not the only one in French football. But there are, in the registered names, its share of surprises. Like “OM Straight to the Go Go OM,” the extra “f” is not a typo on our part, but the name given. This one, which was introduced in 2003, expired in 2013 and has not been renewed. In the same record is quite baffling, “OM Droit au but Allo OM”, or “OM DROUT AU BUT THE OFFICIAL SUPPLIER OF EMOTIONS”, for two other people who no longer exist today.

There are nine brands called “OM” which are involved in very diverse fields.

There are nine brands labeled “OM” (for the name OM, in uppercase or lowercase or the logo), and they all obviously have a different purpose. It’s also going from machinery to chemicals, through clothing, cosmetics, toys, education, printing…a little bit of everything but nothing close here, football or the world of sports.

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