MAC Presentation Spring 2021: Gadget Gadget

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With spring arriving, the April 15 tire change deadline is nearing. Switching from a winter tire to a summer tire, for many motorists, means doing what is called an inch-up, then going from a smaller tire to a larger tire.

In fact, the increase in wheel and tire size is not limited to improving the aesthetics and the tires Car design, But also to ensure more confidence behind the wheel and better performance. Of course, the larger wheel is no exception, as it has characteristics that make the car more attractive.

Mac, the company that has always been “customer oriented”, on the occasion of the wheel change, has decided to launch this April, valid from April 1 to 30 Upgrade functional Who provides prof SBS branded technology tool For those who buy Mach 4 wheels starting at 18 inches.

SBS is a trademark of Novara, just like Mak, and it has an unmistakable design made in Italy. The gadget in question is an exclusive mobile phone holder for cars with wireless charging, to be always connected.

Search for The nearest Mac dealer its enough click hereWhile browsing files Interactive catalog And choose your favorite rim model for your car that is Link.

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