“Macron I, Macron II: The Game of Differences”. The history of Gil Safari

On the evening of his re-election, in his polished speech from the Champ-de-Mars, Emmanuel Macron coined in his own way a very gory phrase “I got you! By promising a ‘new president, for a new term.’ If the new mandate is in doubt, then the The vague “new president” heralded a different embodiment of the presidential function.

By re-electing Emmanuel Macron, the French undoubtedly re-elected his personal leadership, but the presidential election also revealed the irrational and unjust charge of hatred he is focusing on and entrusting to him for appeasement.

whole group. After a month, there was no noticeable change in his exercise of power. The reorganization of the majority of the Elysée was imposed on each of its components, like a whole set of take-or-leave instruments, and the “domain” had no say in legislative investments, being determined in a restricted circle around the president, and even avoided the inaugural commission. As for the election campaign: we don’t change a recipe that wins, and we rush the separation of powers! Majority posters show the president and candidate in pairs, as in 2017.

Admittedly, the long delay granted by the President in appointing a Prime Minister is unusual, but it is no doubt due to intrinsic difficulties in finding a working group that suits him more than his announcement of a change of method.

On closer examination, the government’s makeup suggests Macron’s praetorian guard rather than translating a broad political openness, save for the sinister of a gentle macho, for the embarrassing selection of the circumstance “punk”.

Under the Fifth Republic, a fortiori under Macron, there is no other warlord than the president himself

From heart or mind, Elizabeth Bourne is set like this, whitewashed under the first mandate harness that chose iron loyalties matched with proven skills. The government, on the other hand, is apolitical, but it is a good servant.

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Moreover, with the departures of Jean-Yves Le Drian and Roslyn Bachelot, and the absence of veterans of the old parties, Bairro, Worth, Borlange, Estrusi, Falco and Ripsamine, the curtain fell on the old political world.

Twin. On the contrary, if we are to believe the urgent pronouncements of Elizabeth Bourne and the decisions she exchanged with Olivier Dusupet during the transfer of their jobs to the Ministry of Labour, Full Employment and Integration (according to its new name), the social partners must restore their rightful place in the corridors of power. We can’t help but rejoice at this, in a political context where the president will have no lines of escape or alternative political points of support for his majority to confront a threatening era and demagogic and extremist opposition.

But we have not yet figured out the new style that should characterize the new term of the new president. We just have a feeling he’ll decide just as much, but he’ll lessen his exposure. In the meantime, his priority is clearly to win the legislative elections to obtain the largest majority in the National Assembly. Under the letter V.And The republic, rather under Macron, has no other warlord than the president himself. Macron II will be revealed later, but it is not excluded that he is a twin.

Gilles Savary is a former deputy of the Gironde Socialist Party.

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