Major printing problems with the latest version of Windows

The latest Windows update is causing serious printing problems. Several users reported serious difficulties with their printers.

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For many years, printers haven’t mixed well with Windows: outdated drivers, incompatibilities, etc. Thankfully, things have improved in the end, but every now and then some difficulties arise as they do now after a recent OS update.

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In some cases, right after opening the print dialog in a program like Office or others, the computer displays the infamous “blue screen of death” that asks the user to restart the computer. Without being able to print anything, unfortunately. The error has been confirmed on several brands of printers, including Ricoh, Zebra, and Kyocera.

Microsoft confirmed the concern in the Note de supportThis indicates that the investigation is underway. But it will be necessary to be patient before getting a final solution to the error. However, there is a possibility to go back and reinstall the previous version of Windows, from the update history provided in the settings.

Additionally, a Reddit user who introduces himself as a Microsoft employee introduces two Manipulation Instead for advanced users to limit the problem, it is time to find a final solution.

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