Make your home safe and secure with these tools

A smart home requires smart security. Manufacturers are raising the bar for modern home security by making their home monitoring devices even brighter and more powerful. Instead of spending a fortune on CCTV systems that require specialized installation, why not consider these cheaper and modern alternatives with high-end features.

Here is a list of smart electronic devices to keep you and your place safe.

smart camera

While you are away, keep an eye on your family or pets with this smart indoor camera. It has a 180-degree field of view, a built-in smoke detector, and auto pan and zoom capabilities. Browse a 30-day video archive and capture high-resolution footage in bright and dark conditions. Motion detection is one of its standout features. When a person enters the photo, the smart camera detects them and follows their movements. It also gives you a notification on your smartphone if smoke or unwanted movement is detected in the house.

Intelligent interior siren

Smart %20 Indoor %20 Alarm

The indoor siren will quickly alert you if there is strange activity in your home. It’s a bright and simple alarm system that turns on and off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about arming your alarm on and off every time you leave or come home. The alarm is easy to configure.

home security camera

Home%20 Security%20 Camera

The indoor security camera can provide complete home protection with many great features. The camera gives you an overview of the room it is placed in, thanks to the dual motorized head that rotates in 360 degrees and makes no noise when rotating. Other notable features include motion detection to warn you of any intruders, infrared night vision for capturing shots in low-light conditions, and the ability to stream security video in Full HD. Alexa and Google Assistant are also compatible with the camera.

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mobile door lock

Portable %20 door %20 lock

With this mobile lock, you can easily turn any Android or iPhone into your virtual home key. No more accidents with your keys, this device locks the door automatically after you. All uses of virtual keys are logged into the system, allowing you to keep track of who arrives and leaves using their unique keys. This lock will also allow you to provide your friends or visitors with time-limited access.

wireless hidden camera

Wireless %20 Hidden %20 Camera

This smart hidden camera will alert you if something suspicious happens behind your back or happens in the next room. It has distinctive features such as non-glare infrared night vision, SD card recording with a wide viewing angle of 150 degrees that continues recording while charging, and is compatible with iOS and Android. With a Wi-Fi connection in every room, you can watch or play a live video stream wherever you are.

Light/Camera on Doorbells

The camera on the doorbell Ringers

When burglars plan to break into a home, they usually ring or ring the doorbell to see if anyone is in the house. However, you do not need to answer the doorbell to scare off the thief or thief, as the light can easily do it with ringing. Even if you are not at home, the lights will turn on when the doorbell rings, giving the burglar the impression that someone is at home. You can also place a security camera or motion-activated lights at the doorbell location. You don’t have to worry about old DVRs anymore because these cameras can be connected to the cloud to save video recordings. They are inexpensive but practical home security devices.

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