Making Your PC Last Longer: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Here are a few bugs and omissions in not to reproduce, to pamper your PC and keep it for as long as possible.

Among the things that have become necessary in the daily life of many people, the computer is in good standing. Whether it is about work, booking a trip or even sending emails to loved ones, it has become an essential companion in our lives. But like any electronic device, a computer (a Mac like a PC) has a cost. This is why it is considered an important object in the home, and above all fragile. An object that it is necessary to know how to maintain. And sometimes the desire for good work leads us to make some mistakes in his device.

Accumulation of useless files

Administrative document, registration form, funny picture, every day we download documents intended for one-time use only. Only when they no longer serve us do we often forget to delete them, or worse yet: we decide to keep them “in case”. It is precisely this error that gradually fills the computer hard drive. And who says file backlog, little by little, storage saturated, and computer slower.

To keep all these documents regardless of everything, it is possible to choose an external storage mode, such as a USB key or an online drive. This will free up space on your computer’s hard drive, and let it breathe!

Leave programs open at all times

No matter how much you use your computer, there are always one or two programs that you open without permanently closing. Word processing, editing software, etc. However, to take good care of your device, it is recommended to close everything unnecessary, so as not to encroach on the computer’s memory and resources.

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It is also recommended to uninstall unnecessary programs to free up as much space as possible.

Don’t delete spam

Today, the digital and digital world has been democratized, so that everyone can access it. This leads to many fortunes, but also sometimes to the inconvenience that emails can be.

From now on, we are often used to receiving so-called “unsolicited” (or spam) emails. Sometimes these are advertisements, or even promotions that do not lead to anything, if not a scam or a virus. When you receive this type of email it is important to check the return address, but also and above all: delete it by not clicking anything else, when in doubt. This will prevent possible damage to your computer!

In addition, it is recommended to use a good antivirus, especially on a computer. This is the most important defense against malware that emails can provide. Therefore, an antivirus with a firewall seems to be the best defense. Ask a professional to see what is right for your computer.

Do not update your computer

While Macs tend to do this on their own, it’s still important to keep your computer up to date on a regular basis. From components to software, the performance of the latter has been improved with a new version, which also allows the computer to run more smoothly. Not being patient or not spending time preparing this process means the risk that the computer will make us understand it in the long run!

Always connect your laptop

Today, the laptop is very popular in homes, not only for its ease of use, but also for its battery life. However, the latter can get damaged more quickly than expected if you decide to charge it constantly. The life of a device diminishes with each charge, and it seems clear that pampering your computer also means knowing how to charge it only when you need it.

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Not cleaning your computer

Among the most common errors, neglect of device hygiene is widespread. In fact, while we tend to think that the computer has been damaged from the inside, the deterioration can also come from the outside. Therefore, regular cleaning is just as important as pampering your electronic device.

Today, we have many tools for computer maintenance, whether it is dust entrapped between keys or dirt on the screen. Cleaning your computer means reducing overheating and improving performance.

At the same time, it is also recommended to keep it as far as possible from drinks and food, as well as potentially dangerous things. Because the computer is still fragile. And why not choose a good protective cover? Your computer will thank you!

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