Manuel Valls campaigning in Lisbon to get back in the game

The former prime minister, an investor in legislative elections, said he wanted to give a majority to Emmanuel Macron and better represent the French abroad.


“Looks like Tom Cruise”, an observer returning from Cannes smiles. Same youthful silhouette, same energy. Both were born in the summer of 1962. You’d never think they were about to get a seniors card: “In the praise circle, people tell me: She looks younger than she appears on TV.“Like a hero BetterAnd the But with fewer fans on the tarmac, Manuel Valls jumps from plane to plane. He explains that it is not for this that he went down with a parachute. Of Catalan origin, he knows life abroad. For some time he was looking for a place to land. He found it. A candidate for the legislative elections under the designation of Emmanuel Macron, his constituency covers Andorra, Monaco, Spain and Portugal. 100,000 voters have almost nothing in common, except that they are French.

It’s late afternoon, the sky is blue as orange, a steady wind blowing over Lisbon. About forty people gathered along the sidewalks, in an area …

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