Many device comes with WhatsApp – another clue

Ability to use WhatsApp on many devices At the same time, syncing chats is a feature that users have been waiting for years. As confirmed by several traces of beta apps that have surfaced in recent months, the Facebook team is known to be actively working on it.

For the last few hours: Option in beta for iOS “Exit“. How easy it is to understand.”Exit”Is the way to exit the profile in use, not out of use Disconnect the device from the profile. This implies that you can connect to this WhatsApp profile via multiple devices simultaneously. Mode Multiple device, தி “Multiple device“As far as English speakers are concerned, it’s not abandoned by WhatsApp developers, but rather, they are building it one step at a time.

How WhatsApp works on multiple device

There is currently only one way to use WhatsApp on multiple devices: WhatsApp Web, A web browser-based version of WhatsApp that allows you to access our chats from a computer. However, the WhatsApp web has a huge range to work with a smartphone.

A true multi-device, on the other hand, allows you to use the same profile from two (or more) phones and, if desired, from the web. So it is very convenient for those who use two smartphones in general to carry them with them always, today, only one WhatsApp profile can be used on the same device at the same time.

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Many device WhatsApp because it has not come yet

While this is a feature that everyone loves, many people wonder why the multi device makes them wait so long on WhatsApp. The reason is found in the message encryption system.

WhatsApp (as well Signal and telegram, two main alternatives) uses “To the end“, It”From one end to the other“This means that the encryption keys are stored directly on the devices, not on the WhatsApp servers.

This way even WhatsApp can’t read our chats because they are encrypted and traveling, and on the device, encrypted only within the application. However, this can become a problem when you have to use multiple devices at once.

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