Many new details about the game from 343 Industries –

343 jobs provided a Video Questions and answers with developers, they were published Lots of details Its Hollow is infinite, The most anticipated new episode of Saga released at the end of the year. 44 minutes of pure delight for the fans.

The disclosed details stand out:

  • That ring Zeta Hollow It is fully delivered in 3D and will create small eclipses as the sun goes behind it. Players can view it and push down enemies (be careful not to fall).
  • Players can follow the main story or implement advanced goals. So they have great freedom of attitude. 343 Industries seeks to promote selection through a number of subsidiary trips.
  • Make sure Dynamic weather conditions, With wind and fog. Storms and blizzards should be included after release. The day-night cycle is also confirmed, which can affect intercept shots.
  • Master Leadership He cannot use two weapons at once, there will be no hostile beasts, and there will be no playing elite.
  • You can upgrade to campaign modeEquipment. Industries is exploring the possibility of owning different equipment in custom games (not in basic multiplayer).
  • Graphically The game was completely edited to respond to fan criticism. The hexagonal pillars have been redone to make them look more beautiful. The main biology of the game world is in the Pacific Northwest, but there are many sub biomes.
  • The Casual encounters Based on what you do with enemies (walking, flying, driving). 343 Industries They do not want to be punished, but with involvement.

In short, Halo Infinite seems to be a great game. We’ll have to wait for the scheduled release in the fall of 2021 to find out what the finished version will look like. Who knows if Starfield will compete with him, the rumored Bethesda game later this year, Microsoft (for the entire studio together).

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Hollow Infinite: A screen shot from the game

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