“MaraThrones” and new gadgets for 10 years from “Game of Thrones”

New York – Opening month of celebrations for “Game of Thrones” fans. In fact, April 17th marks the tenth anniversary of the first episode of the series to air in the United States, and the broadcaster that gave birth to it, HBO, has planned an “iron memory” for the occasion.

As Variety reported, the “list” includes “MaraThrone”, an interactive page on HBO Max, plenty of philanthropy and the launch of a series of new commercial items.

The “Game of Thrones” Marathon will be held on Saturday 10 April on HBO2, which will air throughout the first season. Fans will also be encouraged to do their own “MaraThrone” by watching episode collections on HBO Max to raise money for various reasons. The members of the “Game of Thrones” team will be the ones who will introduce, for two weeks, the beneficiary organizations.

On the anniversary page, American fans will then be able to find more than 150 video interviews, behind the scenes and propaganda clips. However, potential new viewers whom the broadcaster hopes to stir up intrigue will have interesting introductions to “Game of Thrones” and its characters.

Finally, a promotion launched to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first episode of the series includes an Imperial FabergĂ© Egg created for the occasion, a selection of Mekyler beers inspired by the series and a collection of Funko Pop dolls made of imitation iron. Iron is the material from which the iconic “Game of Thrones” is made, and which gives its name to the series in Italian.

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“Game of Thrones” was aired from 2011 to 2019, and consists of 73 episodes divided into eight seasons. Despite the completion, the chain can count many spin-offs in the works. Like the long-awaited pre-film “House of the Dragon,” which is set to start production this year.

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