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To revive in 2021 from titles released between 2007 and 2012, on machines of completely different and much more limited capacities, the epic creators put the small plates into the big ones, as they explain. In a long and extensive post, To support a comparative video that aims to give you an idea of ​​the gap between the original and the enhanced version.

The Canadian studio explains how they first made an inventory of graphics and sound resources for the first three Mass effect At its disposal, while assessing its quality in order to target those that deserve the most noticeable improvements. The “Thirty thousand“Triple strength was thus entitled to preferential treatment to accompany the significant increase in resolution now provided by new consoles and computers, sometimes returning to their original, uncompressed size. In the same idea, the interface elements also had to be reconstructed to accommodate 4K afterwards. A little bit, as did the scenes that were captured.

Then Bioware was involved in the bulk of this rehab process i.e. the first part Mass effect, The oldest episode which, logically, showed a year more. The developers explain for example how they shared the three Remastered The latest models of objects or characters, while revealing the passage of time and the impact of the evolution of events. More specifically, the artists created a priority list of hundreds of armor, creatures, characters, weapons, and vehicles that they reworked from their original sculptures, from skeletons to personifying skin or materials. , Such as plastic, metal, or fabric, by appearance.

The particle effects for their part deserved distinct and elongated animation, augmented with secondary elements (sparks plus smoke from the fire). Explosions discard chunks of rubble, and your weapons briefly illuminate your characters. The trilogy’s different environments received targeted fixes and new items if they looked too deserted until then or shading Modified to better respond to lighting. Hundreds of Bugs Also corrected at the same time. The first game also took advantage of the studio’s improvements to the lights as it progressed through the trilogy. Some features Mass effect 3Dynamic volumes, for example, were used for Remastered From her sheikh.

But Bioware decided to go a little further with its work, and make improvements Origin Across Origin To partially reinvent the levels of Part 1, and draw inspiration in particular from what they were during the design phase. So the scenography of entire sections was revised for certain clips from Part 1, after being returned to the hands of the Bioware artists. Much effort has been added to the previously mentioned Comfort Adjustments, to smoothing the façade on all three Remastered Or a character builder. The pile of promises never ceases to rise to the sky for this Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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