Mat technology against back pain

Trigger Point Rocker has a new look, it is used for exercises but also when sitting for work

Smart work or not, work and a sedentary lifestyle go hand in hand with many people, which often leads to the necessity of finding treatments for pain that affects the body. Among the many solutions, such as a necklace that vibrates when one assumes a wrong posture, the Trigger point rocker, a mat Unique in shape and use because, as well as during exercise, It also works as a carrier When you sit down In front of the computer to work.

The idea of ​​dr. Aaron Fu, Which after many prototypes have found the correct solution in handles distribution during workouts (there is a custom software included in the kit), and while sitting, direct Pressure on certain areas of the upper body (Neck, shoulders, back), This is to reduce existing diseases. The Trigger Point Rocker helps align the spine and improve posture 600,000 eurosWhen there is still more than a month left until the end of the crowdfunding campaign it started on Kickstarter. Anyone interested in booking should invest a little more than 40 euros Wait until next June for home delivery to start

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