Mayor and President Leon Loenttraut welcome to the university

Kaiserslautern 04.11.2021

For the current winter semester, the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences has successfully won the world-famous painter Leon Lowentraut for a teaching position: together with the master students in the Virtual Design course, the artist will deal with the topic “Digital Display of Art”. At the beginning of his activities at the university, the President of Kaiserslautern University, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schmidt, mayor and head of cultural affairs at Kaiserslautern, Pyat Kemmel, did not take a personal salute to Lowentraut in his hometown.

Together with the students, Leon Lowentrout will be asking himself exciting questions over the next few weeks that will play a barefoot role in the Virtual Design course in the Department of Building and Design: How will people experience the art galleries of the future? How can digital technologies help make the exhibition experience more immersive? How can traditional and analog art be expanded in the digital space? How do digital reality and artistic creativity interact in the real world?

“I am really looking forward to this assignment here at the university,” the born-again Kaiserslautern Laufentraut confirmed at the start of the course last Tuesday and added: “The possibility to transfer my images to virtual reality inspires and inspires me. I want to pass on my experience as an artist to my masters students, but also learn a lot from new things myself.” The fact that the 23-year-old artist, who has long achieved world fame, belongs to the same generation of students, will certainly give the project and the search for new forms of expression and inspiration an additional impetus.

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In his speech, Rector Schmidt expressed his happiness and pride that Leon Lowentraut, a prominent and famous artist, who also has a personal local flavour, had won a teaching position at the university. Not least directed at the master’s students present, Schmidt argued with an impulse to pursue a further academic and professional path with self-confidence: “The example of Leon Leuventraut shows us once again what extraordinary talents and minds our region produces. It will be even more beautiful, of course, when they continue to contribute and engage in their ancient homeland in various ways” .

The mayor and head of cultural affairs, Kimmel, also expressed his delight at meeting Löwentraut and presented a “woolly sheep” as a greeting and invitation to the Kammgarn Cultural Center for an event. “The sheep also symbolize the desire that the university and city with campus and Camgarn continue to grow together in an innovative, modern and vibrant hub,” Kimmel says. The mayor has also been deeply impressed by the social commitment of Leon Lowentrout, which she would like to win as an ambassador for the City of the West Palatinate on the topic of “sustainable development”.

Leon Löwentraut (front center) is framed by Mayor Beate Kimmel and University President Hans-Joachim Schmidt as well as students and professors of the Virtual Design course. © Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences

Author: University of Kaiserslautern – press office

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