McHardy, in an analysis without relief, denounces the “mush” of Parisians in the game

Jonathan McHardy, the journalist, was very vengeful, inafter the foot, on the performance of Paris Saint-Germain against Brest played on Friday evening and won 2-4 by the Parisians in the opening day of the third day of the French Ligue 1. He asserts that he appreciates the idea of ​​a 4-4-2 diamond lure by PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino, but regrets the way he describes it as mush, without providing further arguments. He also confirmed that the Paris Saint-Germain coach “has nothing to do on the bench” in the capital club.

McHardy « When I saw this organization, I thought to myself: With absentees, it can be very coherent and exciting«

“When I saw this organisation, which was so big of diamonds, I said to myself: ‘I want to see it, because with those absent, it can be very coherent and exciting.'” Palmas, with Neymar in 10th behind Mbappe and Messi, with Verratti – Wijnaldum In the middle, and Paredes in front of the defense, the team will look very good on paper.

But what worries me, even if the basic idea is good, is that in the game, it was still inedible porridge in Brest … The game plan is unreadable in PSG. I still think Pochettino has nothing to do on the bench at PSG! Messi Neymar? It will only be the trees that will hide the forest…”

It has become the norm in some football shows to give your opinion without giving an explanation. over there will Flat and baseless analysis questions, which makes the whole discourse uninteresting and above all very unfair. This is often the case with Jonathan McHardy. He seems to be writing his pre-season letters to make sure he can put them through the year. Whatever happens, it does not change and does not add anything to the controversy. His intervention against the PSG game would have been exploitable, with arguments, his point of view would have been shaped and the relevant data provided to the listener.

But he prefers to stay in the press “mush” to drool over the club in the capital. It’s hard to take it seriously, even from To understand it, the bottom is often missing. PSG respected Mauricio’s plan PochettinoThe full-backs’ contribution, one of the strengths of this system, was satisfactory, as evidenced by the good game Achraf provided. Judge (22-year-old right side).

Of course, the diamond tactic is expensive in terms of energy, as both attackers defend less and spaces are created especially during counterattacks. PSG has struggled physically, as has often been the case since the start of the season (Which seems logical, players are still in the setup phase). We can see the Parisians having a hard time during the brisk attacks in Brest, and the brilliant inspiration of Romain Vivre brilliantly called them to order. Maximum success: brace received employmentRemember three shots on goal. It was fashionable to get a decent decoding on the part of the so-called expert who, day in and day out, shows his ill will on an antenna with a strong audience.

Because, obviously, Paris Saint-Germain was not exceptional, we all expect better, but we are far from the average level that he described McHardy. Going beyond the limits of arrogance, he also allows himself to deal with the Parisian coach, declaring that he has nothing to do on the bench at Paris Saint-Germain. Drawing conclusions after three days of Ligue 1 seems a bit hasty, but why bother measuring and thinking?

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