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Apple iTunes is a necessary evil: the media player has a modern design and plays music and video files. It rips audio CDs and backs up their songs. However, he does not master a large number of formats; VLC is in a better position in terms of compatibility. iTunes has a reputation for being very resource-intensive. And above all: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners need the app to transfer music and video files to the device without the cloud. No sync without iTunes. But this is only half the truth.

No sync without iTunes?

The free software allows files to be exchanged between your PC and iPod touch. It’s been said over and over that they don’t need iTunes – but that’s only half true: iTunes is needed, because when you install it, the Apple driver, the sync software, is installed on your PC MediaMonkey Supposedly. The need for iTunes to access the driver should be put into perspective: there is a separate download option for this driver. If you take advantage of that, ditch iTunes altogether and use the standalone MediaMonkey described below. The benefits of not using iTunes: You free yourself from a slow Apple player and are not under the tutelage of having to use certain software.

Download MediaMonkey

Setup: Sync iPod without iTunes

MediaMonkey transfers files from your computer to the flash memory of external Apple devices.

With MediaMonkey, you can manage and play music files stored on your PC. The motivation behind installing MediaMonkey is that it is a good alternative to iTunes. The installation wizard offers a portable installation procedure as an alternative to a traditional setup. To research this article we installed MediaMonkey, iOS 14 was running on our current iPod touch 7G. We have checked the following using iPhone 11 with iOS 14; Here the synchronization procedure was at least successful with the “3u Tools” program described in the last paragraph of the article. If you have problems, it is worth trying several programs mentioned in this post. If in doubt, just test syncing with your iDevice; If the iOS version number is not high or compatible, copying the required data with the latest version of the sync software may work. Before you start transferring data, prepare your computer:

First, get the Apple driver: If you have iTunes installed, this step is not necessary. If iTunes is not available and you do not want to install it, you need to add a driver (“Apple Mobile Device Support”). The iDevice Manager installer brings this with it: This software enables you to copy your iOS device files to your computer. The program had a bar interface, but it moved away from this modern design language. iDevice Manager functionality is less than it used to be; In testing, iOS music files could no longer be downloaded to PC, so we can’t recommend the app at this point. However, you can install iDevice Manager to receive necessary Apple Mobile Device support. Then uninstall iDevice Manager again (press Win-R, appwiz.cpl Enter; Double click on the iDevice entry; Apple Mobile Device Support is listed as a separate entry and should be kept).
Sync iPod without iTunes: How to use free MediaMonkey without iTunes with Apple devices in sync software?  This is nothing if you get the driver you need in a roundabout way.

Refuel your Apple device with songs via sync software without iTunes? This is not impossible if you first get the driver you need in a roundabout way.

Alternatively, you can download the driver from another source: Copytrans offers a file CopyTrans . Installer On. Move, unzip and start. Check the box to accept the disclaimer and choose Automatic installation. The guide is more complicated: here you need to select the file iTunes-Installer.exe; The iTunes version should not be too new. At the end of the automatic installation, a success message appears saying that the iOS drivers have been installed. This means Apple Mobile Support, Apple App Support (32-bit) as well as Apple App Support (64-bit). Before installation, connect to Win-R and appwiz.cpl Uninstall Windows dialog and press After setup [F5], the entries for the three applications mentioned should appear in your programs overview.

Download CopyTrans Driver Installer

By the way, iTunes is only an option to access the Apple driver if you are using Windows 10. With Windows 8.1, iTunes can no longer be installed; It requires a subsequent operating system. iTunes exists as a Windows 10 app and as a desktop program; Apple has changed the system requirements for the last analog – almost unnoticed. We had success with iDevice Manager and CopyTrans Driver Installer on our test notebook with Windows 8.1. In testing under Windows 10 21H1 (May 2021 Update), the method of getting the driver via iTunes setup, via iDevice Manager, and Copy Driver Installer both worked.

How to use MediaMonkey

If you have performed the above steps, MediaMonkey shows an iPod touch connected via USB in the interface on the left. If the driver is missing, the iPod entry in MediaMonkey cannot be seen. If there is an entry, everything else is easy: drag one or more MP3 files from Windows Explorer to the iPod entry into the program. Dubbing process starts automatically. You’ll then find the added song titles in the Music app for iOS on your iPod. The best thing to do is copy some test files first. If that works (check for files on your iOS device), then perform a transfer of larger amounts of data.

Sync iPod without iTunes: This is how it works with free MediaMonkey All you have to do is drag and drop to start transferring files.

All you have to do is drag and drop to start transferring files – an intuitive solution.

MediaMonkey Sync Alternative: 3uTools

You can get a good alternative to MediaMonkey with 3uTools. When setup, choose whether you want to install iTunes as a companion app or just an Apple driver (“Apple Mobile Device Support”). Then you exchange data between your computer and iDevice: We copied the MP3 files from the Windows Explorer folder by dragging and dropping into the 3uTools window on the iPod. Songs can also be downloaded from your iOS device to your computer: drag and drop allows you to do so. On the other hand, iTunes does not allow you to download files from iOS devices.

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