Metaverse: They want to give a second life to Second Life

As the concept of Mixed Reality in the Metaverse gains momentum, one of the first virtual reality (VR) worlds is making a comeback thanks to a new investment.

Judy, high resolution Announcing an investment in Linden Research, Inc. (Linden Lab) in order to develop the famous virtual world of second life. Philip Rossdale, founder of the two companies, who is considered a pioneer in the metaverse, indicates that he will join second life As a strategic advisor to contribute to its expansion.

“No one has succeeded in building a virtual world like second life ‘, defends in a press release. second life It was able to create a positive and rewarding experience for its residents – with the potential to join millions more – and build a thriving subscription-based business. Virtual worlds don’t have to be a dystopia. »

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High Fidelity Investment in second life Includes cash investment and patents for distributed computing. The founder explains In an interview with CNET That two of the patents will be “decentralized environment patents.”

second life It has been around since 2003. The game has reached its peak 2007 with 1.1 million monthly active users. However, user numbers have started to rise again recently and the virtual world is approaching 1 million monthly active users, according to a Linden Lab spokesperson.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the platform has experienced robust growth as internet users are spending more time at home, especially in its virtual economy. A company spokesperson told ZDNet that the platform has an annual gross domestic product (GDP) of $650 million and that more than $60 million was paid to its residents in 2020 for a variety of virtual goods and services. Overall, the virtual space has seen a 30-40% increase in GDP and a 20% increase in competition since the start of the pandemic.

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Note that the baseline for second life It is now “Event Solutions and Remote Work”. The use cases presented revolve around this dimension.

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Metaverse is nothing new. Invented by author Neil Stevenson in a science fiction novel snow crash, released in 1992.

However, it has experienced a revival recently. Especially since big tech companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) take an interest in it. For the latter, the metaverse should be a place that allows virtual interactions using virtual and augmented reality tools.

However, what distinguishes second life From the “new” metaverse that Meta is trying to create is that the game uses 3D navigation software – SL Viewer – not a VR headset. by Philip Rossdale second life You will not use a VR headset until the device is better. He also believes that the virtual world is more useful when virtual reality is optional.

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