Microids Announces Astrix and Oblix: Slap Them All!

I study them Microid Announces a New Game in the Famous Gallic Universe, Astrix and Oblix: slap them all!

Romans, pirates and wild boars must act! The popular Gauls Astrix and Oblix is ​​back for an all-new adventure and will fight again in Fall 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC! The game will be compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Microids is pleased to announce Astrix and Oblix: Slap Them All! , A 2D hitting game that takes you into the universe imagined by Rin Goscinny and Albert Oderzo, and invites you to discover the ad’s first teaser. Are you ready to hit as many enemies as possible before the sky falls on us?

If you are the bravest you have to prove it! Astrix and Oblix: slap them all! We’re in 50 BC, and all of Gaul is occupied by the Romans. No ! Players will be able to play as Astrix and Oblix and will have to traverse the most iconic landscapes in the saga while facing a multitude of enemies, from simple legionaries to pirates, including thieves and even the famous Normans.

The team of Mr. Nutz Studio, responsible for developing Astrix and Oblix: Slap them All! , For players a very respectable comic adventure. The developers made the technical choice to manually make the characters, backgrounds and animations. This is a true bias to honor the style of the 2D animation. This aesthetic will appeal to license enthusiasts and fans of vintage games.

With its magical gameplay like Potion that will delight fans of Beatem up, Astrix and Oblix: slap them all! It will feature a local co-op mode that will invite players to join forces to defeat famous enemies of the Greeks. By Jupiter, by Tutatis, it is a pity that these Gauls are crazy!

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