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4A Game, Development Team Metro exit Has come back to talk about the Metro series in general Microsoft DirectStore, Argues that this is an API developed by a company capable of significantly improving data management, representing a better element Importance in the system as well, As well as Xbox Series X | S..

In fact, we know that the technology in question is an integral part of the Xbox Velocity framework, the Xbox Series X | Compared to the internal structure of the S, it is designed precisely using this very quick access and data management method. Traditional system, but ‘API It is also available for developers on PC.

According to Microsoft, the direct storage system will be able to work with the Nvidia RTX IO system and, according to the senior rendering scheme of 4A games, Ben Orchard, API will be more important in PC development.

According to Orchard, the spread of the API in question will benefit the entire PC development area, resulting in the Xbox Series X | During the Q&A session regarding the release of the updated version of S, Metro Exodus stated: “Fast data access allows not only short uploads, Property streaming Would be very useful. This means that displays can not only promise more content, but also contain a wide variety of content, because very large assets such as high-definition structures and complex geometry can be stored and released very quickly. “

“This should be further accelerated by the possibilities offered based on intelligent selection of content through such technologies. Sample feedbackOrchard said it touches on another element of Microsoft’s recently developed technologies to improve data access and management, improve overall performance and reduce CPU overheads.

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