Microsoft may reject outdated (security) updates for CPUs

from Valentine Sattler
According to Microsoft, Windows 11 systems that have a very old processor installed can be excluded from distributing (security) updates. In theory, this could also apply to Zen 1 and Kaby Lake.

It seems that the topic of system requirements for Windows 11 has not been fully clarified yet. Originally, it was supposed to be Microsoft’s new operating system Treatments Even the Zen 1 generation at AMD and Kaby Lake at Intel. Then there was recently an update on CPU compatibility. As a result, Kaby Lake X, Kaby Lake W and the processor from Surface Studio 2 are now supported. Regular Core 7000 processors and AMD’s first Zen generation remain the Ryzen 1000 alias overseas.

There is no guarantee to update Zen 1 and Kaby Lake

Anyone who manually downloads and installs Windows 11 via an ISO should also be able to run the operating system on unsupported processors. So the lack of support is not as strict as it seems at first. Now, Microsoft has stepped up again and confirmed to The Verge that Windows may only support (security) updates for CPUs to be provided.

Unfortunately, the statement was not more specific. Thus, how Microsoft would really deal with such systems is unclear. However, the company has shown itself to employees so far Operating systems often accommodateWhen it comes to serious security vulnerabilities, for example. The warning could be just protection so that Zen 1, Kaby Lake, and even older CPUs are clearly not entitled to updates.

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Date: Windows 11: New CPU Requests Still Blocking Zen 1

Since providing updates to all users shouldn’t be a huge extra effort for Microsoft, it’s possible that older systems will also receive updates under Windows 11. They have no guarantee that it will stay that way. This build may become critical, for example, if an update has to be modified specifically for older CPUs, or if there is a vulnerability that only affects the old processor. It remains to be seen how Microsoft will react after that.

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