Microsoft metaverse is coming

The metaverse will also be located in BtoB world, Microsoft Corp. The giant has been dealing with the idea for years, and will have PowerPoint and Excel.

A version of Microsoft Teams chat and conferencing software that features digital avatars is currently being tested and will be available in the first half of 2022. Customers will be able to share files and Office features, such as PowerPoint groups, in the virtual world. The business world will also be affected by a more inclusive web. For example, this is the case with NVIDIA Omniverse It is a platform to connect 3D worlds in a shared virtual world. Omniverse is being used in a growing number of industries for projects such as design collaborations, creating “digital twins” and simulating real-world buildings and factories.

The NVIDIA platform has 3 hubs:

  • The first is the Omniverse kernel. It is a database engine that connects users and enables the exchange of 3D assets and scene descriptions. Once logged in, designers who are modeling, planning, shading, animation, lighting, special effects, or rendering can collaborate to create a scene.
  • The second part of Omniverse is the Composition, Display and Animation Engine – a virtual world simulation.
  • The third part is NVIDIA CloudXR, which includes client and server software to stream extended reality content from OpenVR applications to Android and Windows devices, allowing users to enter and exit the Omniverse.

Back to Microsoft. Its CEO, Satya Nadella, explained in an interview with Bloomberg TV that he himself used the technology to visit the Covid-19 service at a UK hospital, Toyota plant and even the International Space Station, he announced. New Teams features, revealed at the company’s Ignite conference on Tuesday, will allow companies to create immersive spaces where workers can meet. The technology uses Microsoft software announced earlier this year called Mesh that enables augmented reality and virtual reality experiences on a variety of eyeglasses, including Microsoft’s HoloLens. Customers who do not have a device capable of displaying 3D images can experience 2D content and avatars.

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The feature combines the mixed reality capabilities of Microsoft Mesh, which allows people in different physical locations to join collaborative and shared holographic experiences, with Microsoft Teams productivity tools, where people can join virtual meetings, send messages and conversations, collaborate on shared documents and wing. Accenture used Microsoft software to create a “digital twin” of corporate headquarters to organize referrals for new employees during the pandemic. The consulting company has organized more than 100 such events, reaching more than 10,000 employees.

Accessible from standard smartphones and laptops to mixed reality headsets, Mesh for Teams is designed to make online meetings more personal, engaging, and fun. It is also a gateway to the metaverse – an immutable digital world inhabited by the digital twins of people, places, and things. Think of the metaverse as a new version – or vision – of the Internet, where people come together to connect, collaborate, and share with a personal virtual presence on any device.

The first step most Mesh for Teams users will take is to join a standard Teams meeting as a custom avatar of themselves instead of a still photo or video. Organizations can also create immersive spaces – the metaverse – within teams. Mesh for Teams users can take their avatars to these spaces to socialize, collaborate on projects, and experience these casual encounters that spark innovation.

Avatars meet and collaborate in an immersive network space for Teams

Mesh for Teams will be deployed with a range of immersive pre-built spaces to support a variety of contexts, from meetings to social mashups. Over time, organizations will be able to create custom, immersive spaces like the Nth Floor with Mesh and publish them in Teams, Microsoft’s Teper noted. He envisions immersive spaces becoming one of the many ways people connect and collaborate in addition to face-to-face meetings, chats, emails and video calls.

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The Xbox gaming platform will follow…

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