Microsoft provides a patent for “communicating” with the dead!

Communicate with our missing loved ones usingun chatbot And theArtificial intelligence ! It is a Microsoft project that has just filed a patent in this direction. Ethically, this may raise questions because the AI ​​of the chatbot will recover the personal data of the deceased person. To digitize it to be able to “interact” with it! Microsoft’s patent appears to be inspired by an episode of Black Mirror (Season 2 Episode 2) where a woman communicates with her deceased husband through a chatbot!

While in Japan it is possible to replace a deceased loved one with a robot, so Microsoft hopes to move forward with this robot! It is actually a “digital copy” of the deceased that Microsoft is trying to put in its place. The patent is called Create a chatbot for a specific person We can translate it literally as “Create a chatbot for a specific person”. Artificial Intelligence uses social networks (Tweets, posts, photos) To mimic a lost person.

And morally how would it be?

Let’s not forget that in 50 years, Facebook will have more than disappeared alive! So there are data recovery materials! As is often in this type of project, the ethical problem appears! In terms of legislation, It is forbidden to recover the data of deceased persons ! Therefore, they must allow them to recover during their lifetime! Nothing says this patent will emerge as a true chatbot. The work of framing by law is a pharaonic act, and nothing has been recorded yet regarding this data on the dead …

Microsoft files a patent for "Transfer" With the dead!
Microsoft wants to “revive us” as a digital chatbot. Image credit: / Microsoft

Is it really an innovation?

We can also raise the issue of communicating with the dead legitimately! Is it a real benefit for communicating with those who have not returned? Would it not be an item that does not allow us to be sad, but is necessary to continue life? In short, this type of chatbot demonstrates the limits of morality while affirming the “no limits” of artificial intelligence.

Not really new!

Inspired by an episode of Black Mirror, the programmer created “Dadbot” in 2017, which is a chatbot To speak with his deceased father. The American company Eternime has also created an application to communicate with the dead … We can also cite the concept of RequiemCode that does not really allow communication with the deceased but offers to “restore a good moment” with a loved one who has disappeared or even this mom “communicates” with her daughter who died in a year 2016 using virtual reality technology …

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