Mighty Doom: The first mobile game Dhoom in more than ten years

Nothing is better for relaxing During work After a hard day’s work it detonated the Devil’s Bowels in Doom. Unfortunately, mobile gamers aren’t in the dark on this front, although Bethesda regularly releases major updates for the death And the Death 2. But no rover in sight for the Doom Eternal …

Instead of adapting an old game for iOS and Android, the publisher and his specialist studio Alpha Dog Games decided to develop an entirely new title inspired by the world of the franchise. Mighty Doom will be the first Doom mobile game in more than a decade (the previous game was Doom II RPG Released in 2009).

Mighty Doom will be very different from the classic Doom. We move from first-person perspective to the top view, where Mini Slayer must fight hordes of enemies, inspired of course by the friendly and fierce creatures in License. The game will be free to play and you should expect in-app purchases everywhere to improve its equipment. Mighty Dome is currently at Closed beta For Android, with a release date not yet announced, either on Android or iOS.

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