Minecraft: When Elden Ring invites himself to the cube game

Minecraft players have talent, and they’ve proven it to us once again! After several modifications that caught our attention such as the game DOOM where the story is fully playable, or which focused on the Harry Potter world, It’s FromSoftware’s turn to cash in on its notoriety in Minecraft.

If we really had the right to a map inspired by the first region of the Elden Ring, then this time the player went much further by creating a mod so that he could create or redo the history of the title. Radagon of the Golden Order and The Beast of Elden will have better control!

Elden Ring is playable in Minecraft

you’re done elden ringYou’re at level 700 and want a little freshness and spice? No problem, this mod may solve all your problems and please. Youtube AsianHalfSquat He actually had a great idea Combine several mods in order to get the perfect pose to create that very special atmosphere that the Elden Ring carries. If we find the bosses there, the YouTuber made sure to be able to arm themselves like in the game, but also to find these medieval and fantasy settings that make the magic of the FromSoftware title.

For this, no less than 40 mods with Epic Fight or Mowzie’s Mobs among others In order to modify the combat system. Yes, killing bosses shouldn’t be so easy! Regarding the aesthetic aspect, he chose the latter resource pack known since then Invade. The latter is widely used in medieval servers.

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The good news for you, and us too, is that this special Elden Ring mod is playable and available to everyone for free. Unlike most mods, this one can be found not on PlanetMinecraft but on Curseforge. To be able to enjoy the latter, all you have to do is download broken ringAnd here we go again to kill the chief.

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