Mixed reality enters the game

Vertigo Games just announced that the virtual reality rhythm game Unplugged: Air Guitar will soon have a new mixed reality mode. It will use Quest’s Passthrough+ technology for this. A new song is also looming. These new features will be available as a free update for Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2.

The studio behind Traffic James, After the Fall and Arizona Sunshine, Vertigo Games, launched Unplugged: Air Guitar last October on the Oculus Quest. .’s new competitor Saber won Gives fans of virtual reality rhythm the option to use their own guitar. For this, exclude the controllers Aculus TouchInstead, they turned to Quest’s own hand-tracking technology. Thanks to this, players have the opportunity to physically grab the virtual guitar of their choice, and play the greatest rock songs ever composed. A month after its release, Vertigo Games announced that Mixed Reality will soon enter the VR title.

Unplugged: Air Guitar: An unprecedented virtual reality experience thanks to mixed reality

Thanks to Mixed Reality, and specifically Quest’s Passthrough+ technology, Unplugged fans will have the opportunity to do just that. to mix together The virtual scene of the title with its real environment. In short, they will find themselves in an immersive mixed reality environment.

They will then have the opportunity to see their friends or family members cheering for them while they are playing a virtual reality game. Of course, they can use the living room, kitchen or any other room From their home as a playground to enjoy the new situation.

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As mentioned earlier, the latter will be releasing a new original song from the band “Glam Metal”. steel tiger. This will, of course, be the band’s second song to appear in the title’s playlist. Note that Vertigo Games is also preparing to release Unplugged on PC VR headsets, and it has already revealed its official release date. Everything will be available on December 2.

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