Mobile accounts for 80% of the audience for digital journalism

France’s press audience certification body, ACPM, has just published some statistics on the key trends for 2021.

After an exceptional year 2020 marked by the Covid crisis or the US election in all respects, 2021 has remained dynamic, with a total of 3 billion copies sold and a slight drop in sales of -2.9%.

Given the erosion of traditional media that began several years ago, this -2.9% is in line with previous years’ trends, or even slightly higher. Once again this year, printing press distribution is strongly supported by the French’s ever-growing appetite for digital copies of press headlines and their hugely preferred subscription formats. CMPA commented.

However, digital media recorded a decline of -6.9%, to 24 billion visits, including 20 billion for mobile media, which is down 5% this year.

According to the ACPM, computer captures only 20% of traffic compared to mobile 80%, which is itself sub-divided between mobile websites (52%), AMP websites (11%), mobile apps (16%) and tablet apps ( 1) %).

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