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Ronan Bouquet took the helm at Geovelo, a smartphone app that guides and secures cyclists. Helpful, effective and reassuring, this idea was born in Tours, thanks to its founder Gaël Sauvanet.

Environmental, economic and good for health. All the lights are green when it comes to choosing which bike to go around. But what is holding us back is our security. Where to go? What a fairly safe route that wouldn’t take me on a plane to have to travel so long that a bike ride at the end… is unimaginable. Well, no.

Today it is not only possible to get answers to all these questions, and much more, it is also free and without ads.

Geophilo Insures cyclists. Security really takes precedence, and all of the app’s attention, but not only… Being driven by a car, we’ve been used to it for a long time. Waze is often our best friend. But with the bike, we didn’t have the GPS telling us the right way on two wheels.

We are the only ones to address all cyclists. Other applications of bicycles focus either on sports, for speed measurement, etc. Or you focus on the entertainment and discovery aspect, but no urban app is safe. Geovelo is a little unique in this matter.

The Tours app does just that. It guides you and shows you the safest bike paths, paths and routes. Everywhere in France. Already a little in Europe too and tomorrow in the world. It offers us the most flexible and least dangerous cycling path possible…

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Where Geovelo is smart is that it’s downtown, it can show you the fastest and most direct route, navigating between bike spaces and regular roads. Guaranteed security. Options are considered and adapted to our wants and needs.

In any case, you will be provided with a safe path, which will improve the cycling space.

A smartphone mounted on a pedestal in front of the handlebars, we look at the screen from time to time, or we activate the voice guidance function.

Please note that headphones are prohibited on the roads, even on bikes, so Geovelo thought of adding a vibration function, which is very useful when it is difficult to perceive the voice of the guide with city noise and at a certain speed.

“Turnkey” walks are also present in the application software. Route route, refreshment points, places to discover, sites to visit and fun activities to do in the area we tell you it all. All you have to do is follow the guide! Gaël Sauvanet, the inventor, the mind of the complete application:

This can translate into outings to discover the city. For tourists, but not only… It’s also families who go on weekends to discover other areas of their city.

The escape from public transportation that the pandemic has forced on us has caused bike sales to soar. More than ever, the young queen is back in the ways of France, but will the success continue? Did the French really adopt this mode of transportation and keep it today in their daily lives? And what about our behavior in the Center Val-de-Loire area?

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In the center area, the use of bicycles follows the national trend. doubled during the covid period. At Geovelo we have gone from 250,000 to 650,000 users.

Then there is the increase in fuel… Will all of this allow us to become more environmentally virtuous? As Gayle Suffanette points out: “When you travel 1 km by car, at least 230 grams of carbon dioxide is released into the air, while on a bike it is zero.

Geovelo users can report dangerous areas. This makes it possible to alert both other users and local authorities to say: in these places beware: these intersections, these intersections must be reorganized, because they are dangerous.

Thus, the data captured by Geovelo is provided to cities, with the desire to encourage the improvement of urban space.

Geovelo was born in Turin, where he was first tested. The experiment lasted 8 years. And outside the Center Val de Loire region, the tests were of course conducted throughout France.

Operating today, with immediate success, it is evolving and will grow even more. Geovelo is already established in Switzerland and Spain, and will go to other European countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria. Then a little further to the south, even if the Latins were previously fond of cycling a little less than the Nordic countries. England will follow.

And in 2023 … it will be the turn of the United States and Canada to be able to benefit from the application.

Opinions are the most we read, right or wrong, to form an opinion about today’s product … Well, regarding the feedback from Geovelo users, the comments seem unanimous:

There are people who really thank us. You changed their lives. He almost encouraged them to ride bicycles.

Ronan Bouquet and Gael Sauvanit were the guests of Kameni and Lucy Clausen at “You Are Great” at France 3 Center Val de Loire on May 9th. Watch the show here:

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There are people who really thank us. You changed their lives. He almost encouraged them to ride bicycles.

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