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For a noble cause, whatever the means. After starting on Tuesdays across Tahiti, the teaching team continued its operation on the sister island. Meetings are held in a minivan, which is similar to a mobile class. The tables are separated by glass. The vehicle is equipped and sterilized before and after every maintenance to avoid any health hazards.

“We wanted to avoid, with our board and teaching team, having a crowd near our institution in order to avoid the spread of the virus” Cedric Tescher, general manager of MFREO at Taharu Babara explains.

(Image credit: Tahiti Nui TV)

Brochures are given to each young person with a simple explanation of the programme. “We have no connection with the brochure, the young man is the one who takes the brochure. He sanitizes his hands, takes the brochure and goes out. We have a worker right after that cleaning the whole room with disinfectant” Determines the manager.

These visits are welcome for precarious families who sometimes find it difficult to ensure the continuity of education. “It is a good business, because some parents fail to keep up with children of a certain age. It is a plus for them” says Nadia Terry, the mother of one of the students.

(Image credit: Tahiti Nui TV)

Papara has MFR 47 registered, some of whom live in Moria. Next week, the educational team will renew their tour. You will keep it for the duration of confinement.

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