mobile operator strike

Employees of Lebanon’s mobile phone companies, Alpha and MTC Touch, witnessed a general strike on Friday morning to demand better working conditions in the context of the financial meltdown crippling the country.

According to the National News Agency (Al-Ani, official), the employees are calling on officials to “take urgent measures to ensure the continuity of work in the sector and provide job security.” All sales outlets associated with the operators have also been closed, and the distribution of recharge cards and bill payments has stopped.

In addition, an interruption occurred in one of the main interchanges in the Corniche Al-Nahr area in Beirut, which led to the suspension of services in the area, with maintenance services interrupted due to the strike.

The Syndicate of Employees of Mobile Telephone Companies in Lebanon called for a sit-in outside the Alfa headquarters in Furn El Chebbak at 1:00 p.m., while the Council of Ministers meets at 2:30 p.m. on the ground, among other things, at the request of an increase in telecommunications tariffs.

Employees of mobile phone companies in Lebanon, Alfa and MTC Touch, announced a general strike on Friday morning to demand improvement in their working conditions in the context of the financial collapse that is crippling the country, according to the National News Agency (Al-Ani, Rasmi), and the responsible employees called for “urgent measures to be taken to ensure . ..

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