Mobile phone package 90 GB for only € 13.99 until June 13

Orange & Sosh: The quality of the Orange network and the freedom of non-binding

This new package is virtually non-binding: you can subscribe to it and cancel it at any time. If you have not yet discovered the coverage of Orange, one of the best networks in France, sush It gives you the opportunity. In addition to this new limited series, Sosh also has other subscriptions, including the Internet. At the moment, its fiber offer can be accessed from only €14.99 per month for one year (then €29.99 per month).

Sosh Limited Edition: 90 GB for unlimited browsing

With 90 GB of mobile dataYou can surf the internet daily without going over your plan. Mobile gaming, live streaming or browsing on all your favorite social networks awaits you.

The package also includes 15 GB of data that can be used abroad. In other words, you will be able to stay online while you are traveling in Europe and DROMs, whether for vacation, business trip or any other reason.

Finally, Sosh also provides the essentials: unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to always stay in touch with your loved ones.

All the advantages of switching to Sosh

In addition to the freedom of no-obligation, Sosh also has other benefits for subscribers to one of its offerings. The change will be simple and you will keep your phone number. Once you sign up, the operator guarantees you 24-hour assistance across your customer area, MySosh app, forum, and hundreds of advisors.

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In addition, Sosh also guarantees delivery within 3-5 days and completely safe payments. Think about mobile packages: All smartphones from the brand are guaranteed for one or two years. You can pull it out directly thanks to Click & Collect.

Don’t delay if you are interested in this new limited edition 90GB series. This exclusive won’t be available for a very long time. If you are looking for a cheap plan with plenty of data, now is the time.

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