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A mobile phone with two screens and a camera under the panel: Huawei’s latest patent shows us an intriguing device.

Written by Christian Collado at Huawei

Last update 01/13/2021 13:41

Huawei has an idea to realize what many smartphone makers have been looking for for a long time: a The forehead is completely free of shearing, Giving the user the largest possible screen space. For this it will resort to two solutions that, although they have been seen separately on some models, are not integrated into the same device.

This is shown by Prof. Recently filed patent by the company, Which is included with Let’s Go Digital, as it’s a terminal A camera under the screen, And a screen built into the upper frame of the panel.

Huawei wants to integrate a screen into the top frame of one of its mobile phones

Huawei mobile with a screen in the top frame

It will be a Huawei phone with a screen in the upper frame.

As you can see in one of Graphics design Included in the patent document, Huawei’s idea is Prepare one of your phones with a small board At the top of the screen. The screen mentioned in the top frame, it is supposed to View system tray iconsLike time or battery icon.

To this must be added the fact of that The front camera of the device It will be integrated under the display glass, similar to what can actually be seen on models like the ZTE Axon 20 5G.

Huawei mobile with two screens and a camera under the board

Huawei mobile with two screens and a camera under the board.

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As I said at the beginning, neither of these ideas is new. In the past, we have already seen how to register as a LG has integrated an additional screen into models like the LG V20. In any case, Huawei’s plans pass More zoom out Concept and provide a screen dedicated only to providing status information.

It remains to be seen whether the Chinese company will eventually end up pushing this idea forward, or if it ends up falling into an abandoned patent box. In any case, it seems clear that Huawei intends to push the design of its future terminals even further.

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