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The National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies has recommended ten tips and guidelines to prevent many citizens from falling prey. Such tricks.

starts with ” Always check the source of the SMS » that we receive, for the purpose of To verify its authenticity by looking at the truth.” Never enter PIN codes to validate transactions without verifying their source” Antic continues.

According to Antik, confidentiality should discourage the user from “ Share your PIN » with anyone. In this world where trust does not rule out distrust, it is always referred to as “ To contact the person you intend to send money to” this before” to carry out the transaction..

Other points determined by the National Information and Communication Technologies Agency: ” Turn the phone off and back on when you receive a command prompt asking to validate withdrawals from unknown sources, go to the nearest mobile office if in doubt, and don’t rush to claim a potential prize if you get a call from someone claiming to be”

Finally, the agency recommends users to install in their phones Antivirus, firewall and antispyware software. They should too Check regularly Their account balances and transaction history “,” in order to carry out financial transactions discreetly and safely.

Users, who have apparently not been notified of this initiative by l’Antic, acknowledge that they ” Developed Small Technologies » To escape the mobile transaction scam.

I make sure to reassure myself every time I receive a message of this type that the mention of the operator appears above the message. Elvire informs Laetitia, who works in a beauty institute in downtown Yaounde.

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For others, such as Joseph, a motorcycle taxi driver, numerous fraud cases have brought him to ” Close his mobile account.”

In Cameroon, in the face of escalating complaints from users, the authorities, in coordination with mobile transaction operators, have chosen to promote ” reprogramming system » and on ” identification process.

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