Modugno, the abuser selling the national football team’s kit: a fine of five thousand euros

In the afternoon, the station’s police department and Modugno’s radio department administratively punished a 61-year-old man for abusive trading in the absence of a license, selling in the area stipulated by municipal regulations and illegal occupation of public land. As part of the inspections aimed at combating illegal trade, the Carabinieri entered the center of Piazza Plebiscito where, in response to reports from citizens, they made sure that there was a booth selling paraphernalia and items hailing the national ball.
Administrative investigations against the itinerant merchant led to a dispute over various violations with a total value of more than 5,000 euros and the simultaneous confiscation of several items of sale, the investigation of which is underway to determine their source and address of detention. 71 horns, 24 flags, 6 sound gas canisters, 130 caps, 12 shirts, 2 wigs and 51 whistles were confiscated.
Controls will be carried forward to prevent and suppress unauthorized commercial activities on a large scale.

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