Moss Book II VR set working for PSVR

Mouse works from mechanical bugs in Moss: Book II for PSVR.

Feathers are back and cuter than ever.
screenshot: Polyarch

Seattle-based studio Polyarc announced today Moss: Tom 2, giving fans even more reason to fall in love with these silly little rodents.

At the beginning of 2018, Polyarc . was released moss, a delightful virtual reality game about an adventurous mouse named Quill and his mysterious and impending human companion (you), solving puzzles and fighting insects in order to save Quill’s uncle. This adventure turned out to be just the first book. I say stupid little rodents have only love. the original moss It is a delicious game whose popularity is due to the good work done by the developers to make Mouse Quill feel like a true companion. As a player, you have a powerful presence that hangs over Quill’s world, guiding her during her quest and helping her when you can. Quill knows you’re there, and even if you move it with your PlayStation console, it responds to your actions. Lean close and you’ll also lean in and possibly wave your hand. She uses her hands and sometimes rudimentary sign language to teach you to solve puzzles. If he needs to get around an obstacle, for example, he will simulate this action with his fingers on the palm of his hand.

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The point is, Quill is awesome and I love her. I’m back inside Moss: Tom 2. PlayStation VR is set to debut on a date yet to be revealed, Moss: Tom 2 It starts where the previous game left off. Quill follows the castle where she found her uncle in the first game, but she has big plans to escape, defeat the evil Arcane once and for all, and save the world from the great inconvenience, which seems so terrible. At some point in the game, Quill will encounter a rabbit which is reason enough for me to pre-order the game now.

A mouse crosses a frozen landscape while a snowshoe rabbit waves into the distance.

the rabbit! Look at the bunny!
screenshot: Polyarch

“We were amazed at the welcome from the fans moss tale. Players have built an extraordinary bond with Quill. The countless emails, tweets, feeds and fan art posts made us feel like we’ve created something special, Josh Steixima, Senior Software Engineer and Design Director at Polyarc said via an official announcement. “Since then, we have put our hearts into a guarantee The second book the book It’s a worthy continuation of Quill’s journey, and I hope fans around the world are ready to join Quill in the next chapter in her story.”

Are you ready to join Quill in the next chapter? Certainly me. Just watch this trailer. I spoke with Josh Stiksma of Polyarc earlier in the day of the announcement, and he assured me that players who have already found themselves attached to Quill will see the connection deepen as they progress. They will feel joy, joy and sadness in this new chapter. I hope not. Damn Mouse and I’m about to get married last time.

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