Msi notebook with design signed by Hiroshi Fujiwara

Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara is the ideal laptop for gaming or the most demanding video editing, which also thinks of style

(Photo: Msi)

Japanese designer, musician, and record producer Hiroshi Fujiwara has teamed up with Taiwanese company Msi to create a special limited-edition notebook called Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara, which can be considered the perfect meeting point between the gaming and street fashion segments thanks to its attractive line and excellent list of hardware specifications with the 11th generation Intel i9 platform and Nvidia GeForce Rtx gpu.

The starting point is actually that The combination of performance and elegance Go from smooth, high-definition multiplayer gaming to video editing or music production with a sleek, premium design. In recent years, Hiroshi Fujiwara has occupied the scene as one of the most influential artistic directors in street fashion globally, to the point that he has also become a member of Nike’s all-star development trio Htm as well as collaborated with Maserati, Louis Vuitton or Bulgari.

Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited
(Photo: Msi)

The Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara’s outer shell features thin stripes and lightning pattern, and the hardware includes a coil 16 inch MiniLed monitor with QHD + بدقة With support for HDR 1000 at 165Hz and an Intel HM570 chip, as well as an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card with Boost Clock up to 1357MHz, 16GB RAM and 1TB ssd. There is also a dual speaker on the board.

Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited
(Photo: Msi)

Only 3000 copies will be produced By Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara, which can also be purchased in Italy. In the package there will also be a mouse, a mouse pad and a special edition computer case.

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