Multimedia facilities to facilitate access to Chjassi di a Memoria

Remote visit
The goal of GRITACCESS is, on the one hand, to enhance the existing road network by facilitating heritage access through small equipment associated with communications. On the other hand, establishing awareness-raising measures for the general public based on intergenerational transmission and innovation in promoting heritage. In Corsica, the Environment Office has, for this purpose, supported and escorted the local authorities that have opened one or more heritage paths by implementing various types of development. First, physical access improvements, and then public-oriented activities, whether they are school-based, intergenerational, professional, or disabled. But also, developing consultation spaces for “Chjassi di a Memoria” in tourist offices, city halls, and multimedia spaces … The idea is to provide remote accessibility using multimedia equipment, such as an interactive console that contains a virtual tour of the tracks, headphones Header Visualize VR (Virtual Reality) contains a 360-degree video for visiting the trail with access to other videos available for other heritage paths, or a comprehensive presentation of the project. The projected budget for these works and improvements is € 309,291, funded by the European Union at 85%, and the remaining 15% is the responsibility of the relevant local authorities.

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