Multimedia | Mobile attacks explosion, how to protect yourself?

(ETX Daily Up) – Since the beginning of February, the American computer security company Proofpoint has detected a 500% increase in European attacks to recover information on smartphones. In the face of this resurgence, solutions and habits exist to protect themselves.

Malware is more covert, smarter than ever, and more destructive than ever. Cell phones, over the years, have become prime targets for hackers and scammers around the world to get hold of specific information like your identity, phone conversations or banking app passwords. For Proofpoint, it’s hard to pinpoint the reason for this 500% increase, but it’s very real and dangerous.

There are a variety of viruses such as “SMS” (SMS shrinking and phishing) and malware installed directly on your phone by clicking on a link or “fake package” messages that restore your information when opened. So in the face of these more complex methods, how do you protect yourself? One of the most effective ways is… to have an Apple device. In fact, Android phones are more targeted by cybercriminals. the reason ? iOS does not allow installing apps from a store other than the official Apple Store, unlike Google.

Antivirus software to protect yourself

Although Apple’s systems appear to be more secure, they are not infallible. The simple solution is to install an antivirus for phones on your device, which users especially not do. Obviously, we should also avoid using third-party app stores that don’t systematically check the authenticity and content of apps. Many hackers also use public Wi-Fi to infect your smartphones by interrupting the data flow of your phone thus introducing a corrupted one to you.

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However, one of the biggest threats to your phone’s security lies in your hands. In fact, the vast majority of malware is sent through text messages or emails that contain a link. You should at all costs avoid opening a link you received on your phone that looks suspicious. It can also come from a close friend because once the smartphone is infected, it is easier for the hacker to use the device and send messages to every number in the contact list. There are many sites on the Internet that allow you to check the links you may receive on your phone, so feel free to refer to them if you have the slightest doubt.

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