Murder of Aurélie Vaquier: His companion under pressure, motive still unknown

His companion Samir, who opposes all the facts, was imprisoned on Friday, April 9th. He was charged with “aggravated killing of one of the spouses”.

Sameer L. He has been sleeping in prison since Friday, April 9 in the evening after being convicted of “aggravated murder of one of the spouses” after the body of Aurélie Vacoire was discovered, in Bidario (Hérault), in the couple’s home, in a concrete coffin. This 39-year-old is accused of hiding his crime, under the podium (our photo) located in the part of their home where they were doing their work, a former art gallery. She called this place “theater” and told me that I would mix there. “ Melanie, who is a very close friend, has captivated an electronic music DJ, who has had no consolation since her death was announced.

A vegetarian restaurant is in the pipeline

The former soldier questions all facts while an autopsy was unable to clearly establish the cause of death. The circumstances remain murky. But if it’s seasonal

His presumed motive remains unknown. What are strings? Killing women in love? The couple settled last summer before moving to Bedario in November. Relatives of Aurélie conjure up an affectionate and entrepreneurial woman with Samire, in particular opening a vegan restaurant.

But she was also disturbed by business, noise, and dust, and was eager to go for some fresh air at a friend’s house to write a third book, which was difficult for her boyfriend to admit. Jealous? tricked? The alcoholic quarrel while the accused showed his appetite for beer on social networks? Did they have a serious financial dispute in the couple not rolling over gold when Samir was going to take out a loan for future trade? The suspect remains silent.
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Every person is presumed innocent as long as they have not been definitively convicted.

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