Music festival between big sound and magic

Eating gingerbread in the Alsatian capital on a Sunday morning is not at all contradictory. On the contrary, the question raised by the High Priestess of Greed, Mireille Oster, between a piece of delights and almond sticks, is. “By the way, what is this thing that takes 35 hours?” “, She talks about the music festival, which starts on the same weekend as Heritage Days. Not a culinary secret, nor a copy of Aubrey’s Law, “The Trick” is only the highlight of this 39NS Editing asterismCommissioned by the Contemporary Music Festival by German composer Alexander Schubert. That means a 35:34 installation to be exact, at the Le Maillon Building, from Friday 17 September, 7:37 PM until closing”, Sunday 19 September 7:11 AM.

“Pilgrimage against Nature in the Digital Age” Aims to “Artificially simulating reality and leading us into an unprecedented process of spiritual and sensory learning”, Artistic Director, Stefan Roth, writes for the position after three years, on the program of the event, which runs through October 2. Concretely, after providing earplugs and a transparent hood, an infrared apocalypse and sound blasts, the soundtrack is paired with a scenography based on stroboscopic blasts.

Although VR headsets are available and their special effects symbol picture, le film de science-fiction de James Cameron, il faut quelques minutes pour comprendre que la survie de nos globes oculaires et tympans ne fait pas partie du plan élaboré sur le plateau par des survivalistes occupés à des actes en primté prime primeaux sites). The same sensual questions on Saturday, September 18th, in a much less intense genre, Rothko, Untitled No. 2, which premiered at the National Theater in Strasbourg (TNS). A murderous scene imagined by Claire Ingrid Cotanso and Olivier Milano from the paintings of the American painter and Poem from Rothko Chapel, by John Taggart. Depression, emptiness and pretension.

The meticulously choreographed stage performance of James Bonas and Gregoire Pont beautifully translates Abrahamson’s dream-like world.

You have to go to Halles Citadelle the next morning to finally hear something other than the big sound, in this case the excellent Adastra Quartet. In the program, three works, centered around the “Terra memoria” dedicated by Kaija Saariaho For those who left us. A composition with refined lyricism, to the point of striking a harmony whose utterance in space seems to be a marble relief. Feelings will increase walls and roots, by the youngest Clara Olivares (born in 1993), a piece written in dry point (horse-hair squashed on strings, intact stilts and “breaths” of bows), in Four II, by the late Christophe Bertrand, who died in 2010. Wild, Almost Desperate Energy: The great history of the string quartet runs through the composer’s inspiration, with confusing clarity and singularity, with its moving plans, shots, and drunk wing.

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