NACON Revolution X Pro Controller and all devices provided –

When Nacon Connect 2021 Not only did the French publisher offer its rich and varied games, The Controller of NACON Revolution X Pro And others Devices For PC and console. Let’s go together and find them.

However, first of all, we leave you with the announcements of the games of Negan Connect 2021.

NACON MG-X Series Designed for smartphones – Xbox. The MG-X and MG-X Pro smartphone controllers are specially designed to provide the ultimate experience for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The MG-X series is compatible with all Android smartphones up to 6.7 inches and will arrive in Europe and North America by fall 2021.

Controller of NACON Revolution X Pro – Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One & PC. The Revolution X Premium controller benefits from NACON’s extensive experience in terms of features, comfort and customization. Xbox Series X | On the S, Xbox One and PC, the Revolution X features a wide range of manual and software customization options, as well as Dolby Atmos for headphones support. Coming Fall 2021, Revolution X will deliver new standards in performance to competitive players.

IG RIG 400 HS and RIG 500 PRO HS GEN 2 Headset – PlayStation 5. At NACON Connect, RIG teams are excited to see their new PlayStation 5 audio devices exclusively. With two new headsets, RIG 500 PRO HS GEN 2 and RIG 400 HS, PlayStation 5 owners can now enjoy the same unmatched audio quality and comfort that was the foundation of RIG’s global success. More details will be shared very soon.

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Play RIG 200 HS Stream Mic for PlayStation 5. RIG adds officially licensed streaming microphone for PlayStation to its range of products 5. Currently in development, the RIG 200 HS Steam Mic is a metal coating and technology specifically suitable for voice recording and streaming on PlayStation 5.

Play NACON Daija Arcade Stick for PlayStation 5. Finally, Yannick Allaert and all NACON teams are very proud to announce the upcoming release of the newly officially licensed Daija Arcade Stick for PlayStation 5. In collaboration with professional player Mary-Laurer ‘Cayenne’ Norinder, it has earned the soldiers ’admiration for its ergonomic and Sanwa elements. NACON wants to repeat this success with a new and updated version for the PS5.

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