Naji is surprised by a candidate who has not seen the match before and does not know its rules (video)

Steven created the surprise in Don’t forget the words. It must be said that the candidate did not watch the Nagui game and did not even know the rules.

filters Don’t forget the words Compete every day from your memory to find the correct phrases in the songs they are performing. Some learn hundreds of titles to try to go as far as possible in the game and why not reach the masters to compete with the best like Margaux or Kevin. But that was not the case with the Maestro Day Challenger. Stephen was really stunned Nagoi And the musicians made them a frankly unexpected reveal.

Candidate does not know the game but has reviewed it

“I was told you never watched تشاهد Don’t forget the words, Already ?“, Melanie Page’s companion asked the candidate who confirmed the information to him. If he agreed to take part in the show, it was because he was noticed on the music social network.I did not apply”, he has fun. “Does it really bother you?The host sneered, quickly stinging. This did not prevent the candidate from outperforming his opponent. “He doesn’t know the show, he doesn’t know the songs, but he wins, note Nagoi. But Stephen stated that he studied with his partner. “I put myself on a karaoke app and sing the French group for seven hours straight”, It is to explain

Stephen doesn’t master the rules of show either.

But if the candidate has not seen the show before, he also does not know the rules, as the host noted at the time of the final duel. I have reviewed the songs but not the strategy and not the mechanics of the game, note Fabian Haimovichi. What the candidate emphasized without dismantling it, and frankly, almost disarmed. “I have no idea how it works. That’s why, it’s the same song, there are no points in the intro, I don’t understand it.” The chorester ventured that strategy could be important in the game, which Nagoi refuted, laughing out loud. It’s kind of interesting to see a 14-year-old pyramid collapse like this on a guy who shows up to say what your game is…”And the The presenter continued. Then he patiently explained the rules of the game’s final test to his guest, reminding him in passing that he was on a TV show watched by millions of people. Despite his good run in the game, Stephen did not shine in the home stretch. He didn’t even find a word from the same song.

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