NanoSUN will test its mobile hydrogen plant

A British company specializing in developing hydrogen related technologies, NanoSUN is preparing to test its mobile hydrogen refueling station in Germany.

« Pioneer mobile refueling station is an important part of hydrogen deployment in commuting and transportation applications. In addition to the fixed hydrogen filling stations, we will be able to serve our customers with a very flexible and cost-effective solution. This will accelerate the development of a widely available network of refueling points. Andreas Weisheit, Head of Gas at Westfalen Group, perfectly sums up the challenges of tests jointly conducted with NanoSUN. While everyone agrees that hydrogen is one of the primary carbon-free energy sources for our future, solutions still need to be found to increase the capacity of the distribution network. .

In fact, hydrogen fueling stations are nowadays large infrastructures. Dimensions generate significant costs and slow down installations. Pioneer is mobile and self-sufficient, enabling it to efficiently, safely and quickly deliver hydrogen directly to the point of use.

Last month, NanoSUN’s 1st flagship HRS mobile station successfully completed all operations. Certified in accordance with the Directive for Portable Compression Equipment (TPED) and the Accord Dangereux Routier (ADR) Treaty. So it is ready for active duty. New tests conducted in Germany must conclusively validate the potential uses of the pioneer before its first commercial deployment in Europe.

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