Natalie Thomas has the support of Réseau Entreprendre Limousin to launch her company Purple Reality

Virtual reality is used in businesses

Natalie Thomas, originally from Brave-la-Gaillard, returned to Correz a year ago. Coming from an engineering background, and with her experience in training and prevention, she decided to create her company in order to provide effective corporate solutions: Purple Reality located in Lubersac.

Passionate about new technologies, she decided to embark on creating 3D content immersive in virtual reality and augmented reality.


Unique experiences

“Thanks to these technologies, companies can create unique and immersive experiences,” explains the young entrepreneur. They are real opportunities to be seized in an increasingly digital world where people want to live extraordinary experiences, both interactive and educational. In fact, thanks to the opportunities they provide, companies can easily train their employees, work effectively in the field of prevention, and also promote their products or heritage in an interactive way! “

Technological innovations and novelties continue to be popular with users and potential customers: “Thus it is an opportunity to gain vision but also the image. In addition, many studies show that virtual reality and augmented reality are perceived by our brains as being very close to reality. For this reason, The user is emotionally and cognitively connected.

Financial aid and support

To create her company, Natalie took advantage of the launch of the first support for the 2021 Promotional Winners from Réseau Entreprendre Limousin. He secured a check for an honorary loan of € 20,000 from Jean-Francois Nardot-Pirrell, president of the Réseau Entreprendre Limousin, along with Sophie Roland, in charge of Correz.

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In addition to financial assistance, Natalie Thomas will be professionally supported: Jonathan Roland (Amedia Solutions & Iptis) will be her volunteer support for the next two years with Jean-Pierre Sully, Associate Support Monitor.

These are visual display technologies that allow 3D virtual elements to be integrated into a real environment as we perceive it. Virtual reality is a virtual reproduction of an environment in which its user can interact using a helmet and sensors.


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