Nearly 50% of mobile sites are now shared

If a target coverage system maintains good speed, it benefits from pooling among several operators of all or part of the equipment that makes up their mobile networks. As part of the law aimed at reducing the digital environmental footprint (REEN) issued on November 15, 2021, Arcep's annual report indicates the level of active and passive participation of the telephony infrastructure in France. As of December 31, 2023, 27,089 supports have been shared in mainland France, an increase of 1,712 locations in one year. This represents 47.3% of the total support, of which 30.9% was provided by 4 operators. For comparison, 22,176 sites participated in 2020.

“Of the 1,712 additional subsidies shared in 2023, 1,163 are in rural areas compared to 251 in medium areas and 298 in dense areas.”determines the organizer.

Towards enhanced aggregation?

In October 2023, former Digital Minister Jean-Noel Barrault mentioned new ways to further roll out the mobile network as part of the New Deal, such as, for example, promoting tower aggregation. No details have been revealed about this potential project which aims to push operators to set up more on the same mobile site to provide the right coverage without deploying too many installations in the same area. However, it will be a project that moves in the direction of better social acceptance, but also more environmentally friendly.

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