Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossover from PUBG Mobile is just weird

GIF: Lightspeed and Quantum Studios / ネ ク ス ト ね ば / Kotaku

the last pubg mobile The event merges a mobile battle royale with an anime masterpiece Neon Genesis Evangelion. Among other things, this means we’ll see series mascot Eva Unit-01 perform ridiculous dances, hilariously in a toxic irony and a serious indictment of a devastating cultural rampage.The trend across games.

“[P]Baby diapers will be able to grab a number of new exclusive offers missionary Collaboration items, from iconic character suits to armor and parachutes to backpacks,” pubg mobile Lightspeed and Tencent’s Quantum Studios announced the launch of the event on May 14. “A special friend will also land in the game and players can partner with him.”

In addition to cosmetics that include fashion inspired by Neon Genesis EvangelionThe mecha fits distinctive shapes and the children who drive them, the pubg mobile Cross will unlock an all-new game mode on May 19. The “Circle Core,” as the mode is called, tasks players with helping Eva Unit-01 destroy an Angel, one of the mysterious entities that serves as the franchise’s main antagonists.

pubg mobile is port PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game that started the battle royale craze a million years ago. It’s the same concept, only on a smaller screen: you parachute down on a deserted island, scavenge for weapons and gear, then do your best to kill dozens of other players to be the last person standing.

It is not surprising that pubg mobile And also very profitable And as such, this isn’t the first overhaul. But even if it wasn’t strange to imagine characters like Jujutsu KisenHe is Yuji Itadori and league of legendsJenks comes in her spare time, Neon Genesis Evangelion Not that kind of story. I feel like an elite party crazy just writing this, but it’s true.

For example, this is a huge suite, but it’s been nearly 30 years since then Neon Genesis Evangelion It debuted so you can confront it – the purple robot that appears and closes in the GIF at the top of this blog is literally the mother of the main character, whose immortal soul is working on building the massive structure after an experiment that went wrong. This is not really a cause for joy!

I don’t know what to say about the affliction of crossovers that I don’t have already said before. Of course I understand why it happened. The financial incentive to bring fans of other properties into the barn and sell them loot boxes for a chance to play as their favorite characters is probably too lucrative to ignore. The strategy always results in the same cookie-cutter lame product.

It’s a sad reality, no matter what Super Smash Bros.Cooperation does not respect the spirit of the source material, the choice crazy lips– Proper name stylistic additions lead to tragic characters in ad-ridden main menus. I may just be an old man screaming in the clouds, unable to let people enjoy things, but I believe there is always a middle ground between bad money and honorable tribute.

And if any game has enough money to explore this uncharted wilderness, it sure is pubg mobile.

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